Chan Kowk Wai International Association


Chuántǒng Zhōngguó Wúgōng

(Traditional Chinese Martial Arts) 

International Grandmaster Chan Kowk Wai


This is the source for all information pertaining to the Chan Kowk Wai International Association. The Association is comprised of all the students, students of students, etc. from around the world. This is a family based system wherein all participants form one whole.

The Association is free of charge and access is granted to all under the umbrella of direct association of IGM Chan Kowk Wai and his students.

The information provided on these pages is incomplete. Due to the nature of the internet, information herein provided will not be complete. The lists of forms and the names supplied within will be provided for public consumption, i.e., verification of completeness and correctness should be confirmed with the head of the Association: IGM Chan Kowk Wai.

Welcome to our Association: one Mestre, one family, one goal.

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